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Clinically shown to work within 30 minutes*

  • Lasts up to four hours*
  • Safe to double or triple the dose in times of increased stress
  • Natually sourced supplement won’t change your pet’s personality

Discover the research behind Composure™

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Common Pet Stressors:

  • Thunderstorms

  • Fireworks

  • Holidays & Parties

  • Traveling

  • Vet Visits

  • Grooming Visits

  • Separation Anxiety

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"Highly recommend. User for 2–3 years. Living in South Florida with it's long rainy seasons, I give my two 20-lb. pups 1/2—1 chew when I first hear thunder. Works like a charm to calm their storm anxieties, especially when we cannot be home with them...Does not create grogginess, upset tummy...just gives the little guys some peace of mind."

—NikiMiami, Amazon Reviewer

"Whenever there's a storm, we give it to him right when we see lightning/thunder! Before this, he would pant, salivate terribly, whine & pace, now he seems so much calmer, no salivation or pacing, just likes to be in the same area w/us! So happy this works for him!!"

—Andy from San Antonio

"This works really well. Not a one time quick fix but helpful over time for my dog. What I noticed over the 2 years I have given to my nervous dog is that now she seems to accept things better. I believe by having her in a calmer state as she experienced situations that normally upset her she now copes with things better even if she has not been given the Composure that day."

—Kim from Waco, TX

"I have used this for my cat when she over groomed. It really chills her out. Lately I have been giving it to her as she heals from an abscess that ruptured. It helps her stay calm in the cone. She has a tendency to try to rip it off and she has been much more calm. I do have to break them up because she has trouble eating them because they are a little large, but once a bit tinier she gobbles them up."

—Margaux from Milwaukee, WI

"I was sent a free sample and it is terrific! I have a Terrier mix that gets anxiety when I have to leave him even with my other dogs to go off. He gets vomiting and diarrhea! Well I have used 1 Composure tablet 3 times now and he consistently does fine! No mess to clean up! You can bet I will continue to use this product!"

—Gooniebird 5253 from Ottawa, IL