Composure™ Pro
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Formulated for Pets that Need Extra Support

Ask your veterinarian if Composure™ Pro is right for your pet:

  • Severe separation anxiety

  • Over-the-counter products not working

Composure Pro Chews and Liquid
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How to Use

Can be given daily or as needed. Safe to increase the dosage during times of heightened stress.

How to Use: Give 1/2 chew daily for 0 to 30 lbs, 1 chew daily for 31 to 60 lbs, and 2 chews daily for 61 or more lbs.
We recommend giving Composure™ 30 minutes before any stress-inducing event.


To demonstrate that a single dose of VetriScience® Laboratories' Composure™ (novel compound) would have anxiety reducing properties in hyperactive dogs exposed to a thunderstorm model of fear and anxiety, with specific objectives of establishing the onset and duration of anxiolytic properties of Composure™.

Download the Study

A line chart showing Composure vs the Control and it's effectiveness over a period of 30 minutes and 4 hours against the subject's Activity Score.

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